Affiliated to CBSE.No:1930960-Senior Secondary School.
No: 4/202, Trichy Trunk Road, Salamedu, Villupuram-605602

Pongal Celebrations at E.S. Lords International School in Villupuram:

A Festival of Unity and Tradition Pongal, the festival heralding harvest, abundance, and joy, enveloped E.S. Lords International School in Villupuram with a burst of vibrant colors! Students and teachers united, infusing our halls with traditions and festivity.

The campus hummed with anticipation as Rangoli designs blossomed, transforming pathways into captivating artworks, each narrating a unique tale of culture and creativity. The rhythmic beats of Kumi, Kuthu, and Karagam dances reverberated, infusing the atmosphere with contagious energy.

Silambam performances dazzled, weaving tales of tradition and skillful prowess. Amidst spirited Malcolm competitions, talent and camaraderie found their battleground, with each house pouring heart and soul into showcasing their best. Yet, the true magic unfolded at the Pattimandram, where minds engaged in friendly banter, debating and discussing with wit and wisdom.

House-wise rivalries seamlessly transformed into a celebration of unity as each house displayed its cultural prowess. Laughter, rhythm, and cheers resonated, crafting memories that shimmered brighter than festive lights.

Pongal at E.S. Lords International School wasn't just a celebration; it epitomized a mosaic of traditions, talents, and togetherness, painting our hearts with the vivid colors of joy and unity.

This vibrant tapestry of Pongal celebrations at E.S. Lords International School in Villupuram encapsulates the essence of cultural richness and unity, fostering a spirit where tradition meets celebration and unity bonds with festivity.

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