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Parental Tips

"Social media’s rise has revolutionized our interactions, notably impacting teenage lifestyles, a concern addressed at E.S. Lords International School in Villupuram.

Observing your teen spending extensive hours on their phone, texting, talking, or gaming is common. For some adolescents, this internet immersion leads to fewer friendships and a less vibrant social life, fostering a preference for solitary online pursuits.

This cyberspace addiction often sidelines physical activities, fostering unhealthy, sedentary habits, and detrimentally influencing academic performance. At E.S. Lords International School, it’s crucial not to hastily label excessive screen time as internet addiction. Productive computer usage is possible beyond mere browsing.

Instead of outright denying internet access, discussions about concerns and guiding teens toward non-computer activities are key. While parental controls might be an option, acknowledging that teens aren’t kids but may lack judgment to make optimal choices guides parental involvement without imposing decisions.


Encouraging participation in social activities within and beyond school, fostering family engagements, can diminish excessive computer reliance. Establishing cyber rules and boundaries at home, like limiting mobile phone usage and avoiding screens in bedrooms, resonates with E.S. Lords International School's ethos, promoting a balanced, healthier approach to technology among students and families alike in Villupuram."

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