Affiliated to CBSE.No:1930960-Senior Secondary School.
No: 4/202, Trichy Trunk Road, Salamedu, Villupuram-605602

Winter Holiday Activities at E.S. Lords International School, Villupuram.

School Treasure Hunt: Explore and Discover Embark on an exciting treasure hunt adventure with friends within the premises of your home. Hide treasures, create maps, and let the thrill of the hunt begin!

Board Game Bonanza: Engage and Strategize Dive into a world of endless board games! Discover existing ones or craft DIY versions online. It's a fantastic opportunity to bond with friends and family while honing strategic skills.

Speedy Clean-Up Challenge: Race Against Time Bring on the challenge! Set a timer and watch kids race against the clock for specific cleaning or organizing tasks. Can toys find their place in just 5 minutes? Shoes neatly on the rack in 2? Rewards await the champions!

Family Chronicle: Uncover Your Roots Discover your family's heritage! Interview great-grandparents and elderly family members, learning the art of asking, listening, and documenting captivating stories. It's an opportunity to make history by preserving treasured legacies.

At CBSE-affiliated E.S. Lords International School, these engaging and educational holiday activities are designed to ensure a fun-filled break, fostering learning and camaraderie among students.

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